• February 11, 2022:Courtship

    Few days ago, our friends knew about our mutual affection. Our closeness says it after all. The next thing we had to do was tell my parents about us, leaving out our intimacy. I told my mom two days before about Mark wanting to court me for our legality, and my mom told me to talk to my step dad about it. We waited for a great timing which is February 11, because it was the birthday of my younger step sister, and there were drinks.

    That night was suspenseful, we were drinking with our friends, and everybody knew that we had plans on telling my step dad that Mark wanted to court me. We had the support of our friends. Mark didn’t really want to do that formalities, but for the sake of my parents, he was willing to do it.

    We waited until my step dad was a bit drunk. It came to the topic where we were talking about courtship. I had a sense that my step dad knew our plan after all. Little by little, mark gave signs and talked to my step dad about courting me. Apparently, the conversation can’t go on a straight line, it always shift on another aspect. It has been like that for a few hours already. A few more shots, then my step brother came butt in. “Daddy, Mark wants to court Pebbles.” He said in a straightforward manner. “I know” my step dad said surprisingly. And it was okay for him.

    A huge weight on our chest was removed. Finally, everyone knew about our mutual affection, we didn’t hide it from anyone anymore, except, we left out the details to my parents about our intimacies. Only our friends knew about that.

  • February 5, 2022:Our First Make Out

    It was a very tiring day, because I cleaned a lot in our abandoned house at Carmay. When we got home, I took a bath and rested for a while.

    Dusk was almost there, so Mark and I planned to ride our bikes just the two of us. We went to the house in Carmay once again. But in private.

    The house was a lot cleaner than it was from our previous date, so it was more comfortable. This time, instead on the sofa, we laid down in the bed I made earlier while cleaning the house. We chatted, and he let me check his phone. While I held his phone, I feel his body gently coming near me. Then I feel his face beside mine. After that he fleetly kissed me on my cheeks. My heart like going out of my chest. I turned to look at him, and our faces are really close already. Then I kissed him. He kissed back and we kissed passionately. He unstrapped my bra and cupped my breasts strongly, and we kissed more. It felt good. My stomach was burning of butterflies.

    It was almost dark when we stopped, and we had to go home already. Our home was minutes away, so we had to make it quick. It was dark when we arrived home. And the whole time, I just can’t stop grinning that finally I had my first make out with a guy that I like.

    We kept coming to Carmay few days later, until one day, we got caught that we went there because the neighborhood told my parents, which became okay for them. However, after they found out, we never went there ever again as a place to make out.

    It was a bit fast, for my opinion, but only our love can explain this tingling sense of spark that we have.

  • February 3, 2022:Carmay/Acop

    Mark and I were good friends for a month already. It was a daily thing for us, to bike around the boulevard before sunrise. After Ely (our friend) and I got into an awkward situation, Mark and some of our friends have been joining me on our regular bike ride.

    One morning at 4 a.m, my step brother, Mark, and I went out to bike at the boulevard. I was drunk the night before, had barely enough of sleep, and it was extremely cold, so during our ride, I kept telling my companions to rest. While sitting, my step brother got really bored and suggested to go home already. He did, so that left us only Mark and I together.

    We had a house in Carmay, an abandoned one that is in the process of cleaning. While Mark and I sat, I told him, ”Let’s go to Carmay and clean up a bit.” and we did. Upon arrival, I really don’t know what got into my mind to invite a boy there just the two of us. My sheer intention was to clean up, so there was nothing exceptional about that, right? Apparently not.

    When we arrived, I lost all the mood for clean up. I walked around, searching if I can do something, but my mind was blank. I didn’t want to clean up already. Mark sat on the worn out sofa, and I kept walking back and forth. He said, ”Sit down, you keep on walking” in a friendly manner. I sat down on the opposite side of where he was sitting from. Mark stretched his arm behind me and put it on my shoulder. There was space between us, so his arms were outstretched. Really gently, I slowly moved my head to rest on his shoulders and in a few moments later, I find myself lying down on his lap.

    And it happened. He touched my cheeks and caressed it. Gosh, how it gave shivers down my spine and butterflies in my stomach. It felt like my heart was about to explode. He kept fondling it while I closed my eyes. When I opened them I see him staring at me so I gaze back. I wanted to kiss him that moment and I know he wanted too, because he touched my lips several times already. The problem was that he wore a facemask. I wanted to remove it but didn’t have the guts because maybe he didn’t want to, so I kept it that way hoping he’d remove it and kiss me on the spot.

    I didn’t know why, but there was this tingling feeling I had with him. We were good friends, and that moment had this spark coming out of me. Of all the guys that flirted with me, he was the only one that I entertained.

    We kept asking each other what time we would go home, both of us didn’t want to yet. When we usually ride our bikes, we tend to go home at 6:30 a.m, but it was already 8:38 a.m and we must get going. That was it. No kiss.

    When we arrived at our house, we got this shocking news that Ely got into an accident. We kept our moment at Carmay a secret, and told our families and friends that we wen to at Acop. And starting this day, February 3, our mutual affection started.

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